Eva Louhivuori

Project 02 : Musician 02
Helsinki, Finland

The Last Time

Take me out,
touch my hair
caress me sweetly like it was the last time

Buy me a house,
wouldn´t it be at least fair
There ain’t no limit to the things you can do to cheer me up.

Take me higher
Hold me tighter
So I don’t have to go outside, see anyone

It started a year ago
I was so lonely
Got nowhere else to go, I came to you

I was walking
always the opposite direction
The worst thing in the world was to follow someone

Take me higher…

Then you told me I was someone else
than you had met at start
but a girl cries and grows stronger every time

It’s because I love you, you said
and cause I care about you, you said
and I never wanted anything but happiness for you, you said

Take me higher…

Take me out,
touch my hair
caress me sweetly, for it is the last time