Ringa Manner

Project 02 : Musician 18
Helsinki, Finland

The End Is Always Light

And suddenly I’m running
I wasn’t running before

Something’s driving me
Biting my heels
But when I look behind
There’s nothing there

The end is at hand
The end is near
The end is in sight
The end is always light

The end is a hand
The end is an ear
The end is night
In the end there’s always light

It’s a hunger and an urge
I’ve never felt before
Coming from the inside
Making me want more

I see the stairs go on forever
But I’m not afraid
I climb the stairs but it’s too slow
I’m too slow so I start to run

The end is at hand

No matter how fast I run
I know I’ll never lose you
You keep up with me, easy
‘Cos you’ve got longer legs